The EEG Society

The EEG Society (or Electroencephalographic Society) was an international scientific society established to facilitate the discussion and promotion of electroencephalography (the recording of the electrical activity of the brain). The Society developed out of an informal discussion group organised by neurophysiologist William Grey Walter (1910-1977) in 1942 and was formally re-organised as the EEG Society in 1943, with electrophysiologist E.D. Adrian (1889-1977) serving as its first President.

The EEG Society was formally incorporated in 1951 and registered as a charity in 1983. Following a vote by its members in 1989, the Society changed its name to the British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (BSCN). The BSCN remains active today, promoting research and public awareness of neurophysiology and associated neuroscientific disciplines.