Woodhouse and Sons (Advertising) Ltd

Woodhouse and Sons was an advertising firm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They designed and produced promotional materials for a number of local cinemas including The Civic Theatre (Leeds), The Continental Palace (Hull), The Playhouse (Alnwick), The Playhouse (Berwick), Lyric Cinema (Leeds), Crescent Cinema (Leeds), Cottage Road Cinema (Leeds), Carlton Cinema (Leeds), Capitol Cinema (Leeds), Kingsway Cinema (Leeds), Rex Cinema (Leeds), Lyme House and Palace Cinemas (Prescot), The Playhouse (Hulme), The Tower Picture House (Leeds), The Palladium Cinema and Opera House (Ripon), The Pavilion Theatre (Northwich), Hyde Park Picture House (Leeds), The Continental Palace (Huddersfield) and other Yorkshire and northern cinema and theatres. The firm also worked with local grocers, confectioners and decorating companies. They were active in the 1950s in the United Kingdom.