Railfuture is a company limited by guarantee. It was incorporated on 9th January 2004 and took over the assets of the unincorporated Railway Development Society shortly after in the same year. It is managed by a board of directors of nine members which are responsible for the definition of Railfuture’s policy. Directors are elected for a three-year term by the entire membership with policy decisions delegated to national groups comprised of individual members. The groups are Passenger Group, Freight Group, Infrastructure and Networks Group and European Passenger Group.

Railfuture has 20,000 affiliated and individual members. Christian Woolmar is the President and Vice Presidents are former chief executives such as Chris Green (ScotRail, Intercity, Network SouthEast) and Adrian Shooter (BR). The group holds regular conferences, has a regularly updated website containing papers and articles, a journal: Railwatch and a newsletter: Rail User Express. It has 12 active local branches.

Railfuture campaigns for improved railways and railway services. The issues on which it campaigns include more seats, value for money fares, quicker journeys and an enjoyable journey experience, new service and lines, and the shifting of freight from road to rail. It also has fourteen active branches which campaign on local railway issues and support national campaigns.

Railfuture lobbies the organisations that make decisions – central, devolved and local government, and the agencies and companies that make up the railway industry – either directly or by supporting other campaigning groups. Railfuture makes submissions in response to consultations held by the various railway industry bodies and provides interviewees to comment in the media. It also campaigns on specific major and local issues.

The company changed its name to Railfuture Ltd on 1 January 2018.