Ailsa Craig Ltd.

Ailsa Craig Ltd., manufacturer of marine and specialist, made-to-order engines, originates from a small bicycle workshop in Glasgow belonging, from 1891, to Alistair Edward Stuart Craig, also known as Arthur. Its name was derived from the name of its founder, and from the rocky island of Ailsa Craig. In 1903 Mr. Craig was joined by G. L. Dorwald, and on moving to London the title was changed to the Putney Motor Co. Ltd., with premises in Richmond Road, E. Putney. From supplying engines, it wasn't long before the Putney Motor Co. began to build cars of their own. Later a move was made to Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick.

The name of the Company later became Ailsa Craig Ltd. Car manufacture had been dropped in favour of marine and industrial engines soon after 1905. Robert Kisch, took over control from his father as managing director in 1959.

The company survived both World Wars, and the problems of working for the government, but was eventually sunk when the bank called in its overdraft in 1962. Bought for a knock-down price by the Warsop Fram group, it was neglected, and finally ceased trading in 1974.