Gooding, Hubert Thorn 1903 - 1988


His father, a farmer, died when Hubert was very young. As a result of this the family moved in with grandparents until they went to live in St Albans where he attended his first school, Hatfield School. In 1915 he won a scholarship to St Albans Grammar School and left in 1917, at the age of 14.

He took a job as a messenger boy and attended evening classes after work before moving to Belvedere, Kent in 1918. He went to work for Callender's Cable and Construction Co in 1920 working in the Testing Department for 15 years. He eventually became Chief Testing Engineer for British Insulated Callender's Cables (BICC)

Within the company he became known as "High Tension Gooding" and became very respected for the work he carried out in finding a way of detecting faults on high tension cables. He retired from the company in 1965.