Perkins, Loftus Patton 1868 - 1940

English; British

(1867/8-1940), Engineer

Loftus Patton Perkins, born in 1867/8 in London, was the son of Loftus Perkins (1834 – 1891), engineer and Emily Patton (born 1837/8). In his younger years he followed the engineering path of his father working in his business. In the 1901 census Perkins, then aged 33 years, is recorded living with his wife Henrietta in Willesden London, and giving his occupation as Mechanical Engineer.

Loftus soon showed that he possessed another talent. In 1883 he prepared an advertisement extoling his ability as an artist who would undertake commissions for clients. He became an accomplished artist in watercolours.

Perkind died in London in 1940.