Maclean-Hunter Limited

Maclean-Hunter Limited was a Canadian publishing firm, with additional offices in the United States and Europe. The business grew out of the Grocer Publishing Company, founded by John Bayne Maclean in 1887 in Toronto. Maclean soon brought his brother, Hugh C Maclean, in as a partner, and the company was successful. In 1891 the business was incorporated as the J.B. MacLean Publishing Company of Toronto Limited. A further name change saw the firm become the MacLean Publishing Company Limited in 1919.

Horace Talmadge Hunter joined Maclean in 1903, becoming Vice-President in 1916 and subsequently President in 1934. When the business was restructured in 1945, it was renamed Maclean-Hunter Publishing Company, and then Maclean-Hunter Limited to reflect Hunter's role.

The company was the largest Canadian publisher of its time, producing special interest and consumer magazines as well as business periodicals, including Maclean's, Chatelaine and the Financial Post. British titles included the periodical 'British Printer'.

Maclean-Hunter Limited became widely involved in the telecommunications industry, with interests in newspaper publishing, radio and television, and the cable industry. In 1973 the company bought rival publishers The Macmillan Company of Canada.

Maclean-Hunter was acquired by Rogers Communications Inc. in 1994, and was operated as a subsidiary until 1999 when it became part of Rogers Publishing Limited (Rogers Media).