Hough, Victor 1931 - 2017


Victor Hough was born and grew up in Stretford, Greater Manchester. He went to Stretford Grammar School before going on to study art at the Northern College of Art, Manchester.

After studying art Victor went to work for Ferranti Ltd as a draughtsman working on drawings and illustrations for the early computers being produced by the company. His skill in drawing sectional drawings helped the company to illustrate the electrical wiring and equipment contained within the computers. Whilst he was doing this work during the day, he also went to evening classes to study engineering at the local technical college.

In 1955 he joined a team of technical writers and illustrators under the leadership of Mr Graham at General Electric Company, Trafford Park, formerly Associated Electrical Industries. Victor considered the standard of work required by the company, once it became part of General Electric Company, deteriorated. As a result of this he joined Henry Simon Ltd, Stockport.

Eventually Computer Aided Designed gradually took over the role of the technical illustrator and he took the opportunity to move to North Yorkshire where he concentrated on developing and combining his skills of illustrator, artist and ornithologist to produce wildlife pictures.