Central Airports Ltd

Central Airports Ltd was established in 1933 to promote a scheme to construct an elevated airport above the railway siding in Kings Cross. This proposed the building of four runways arranged like spokes of a wheel, so that aircraft could land regardless of the direction of the wind, with a taxiway around the outside giving access to the towers that would support the structure, and also act as hangars. This scheme would also include a coach station, with room for 150 coaches, as well as integrated access to the London Underground and railway stations. It was hoped that this would combine all forms of transport into one convenient site. Although this was unsuccessful it was also involved in a later scheme in 1961. This proposed that Covent Garden Market should be moved to a new building that would again be built on stilts above the railway at Kings Cross. This new structure would house not only the market but would also be built with a heliport on the roof.