Putney Motor Company Ltd.

Putney Motor Company has its origins in 1891 in a small bicycle workshop in Glasgow belonging to Alistair Edward Stuart Craig, also known as Arthur. In 1903 Mr. Craig was joined by G. L. Dorwald, and on moving to London the title was changed to the Putney Motor Co. Ltd., with premises in Richmond Road, E. Putney. Here, a number of cars were built and engines supplied for the cars of customers who already had an automobile but sought a reliable power unit. At first marine engines were installed in these cars with no modification except to dispense with the water pump.

Trading as the Putney Motor Company around 12 cars were made between 1902 and 1912. Each was individually designed to order. The smallest was a single cylinder engined light car made in 1902. At the other extreme was a 50 hp four cylinder fitted with a luxury body and supplied to the Earl of Norbury.

The company was later named Ailsa Craig Ltd.