Gill, Stanley 1926 - 1975

English; British

(1926-1975) Computer Scientist

Stanley Gill was born in Worthing in 1926 and educated at Worthing High School between 1935-1943. He attended St. John's College Cambridge from 1943-1945 and again from 1948-1949. From 1946-1948 Gill was employed at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) on punch card computing and the design of the Pilot ACE. In the Autumn of 1949 Gill began research at the University Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge, where he studied programming with Dr (now Professor) MV Wilkes and Dr DJ Wheeler. He achieved his Ph.D at Cambridge in 1952.

Stanley Gill's career involved him in the academic, commercial and political aspects of computing. He was Professor of Computing Science at Imperial College, London, 1964-1970, a consultant to International Computers Limited, from 1964-1965 and again from 1968-1970, as well as to the Ministry of Technology from 1966-1969. He was a founding member of the British Computer Society and its President from 1967-1968 and United Kingdom representative on the General Assembly of the International Federation for Information Processing from 1963-1969. Gill also served on numerous official committees.

Stanley Gill died on the 5th April 1975.