Salford Electrical Instruments Ltd


Previously the Meter Department of GEC it was incorporated at the same time as the newly formed Connor-Peel Telephone Company, both of the businesses shared the same premises at Bow Street Works. The two companies were also wholly owned subsidiarys of GEC.

Salford Electrical Instruments Ltd eventually took over the whole of the building when a ten acre plot of land was purchased in Stoke, Coventry for the construction of a magneto works. Once the factory had been established a further 136 acres was purchased and construction of the factory on the new site was completed by 1921, this enabled Salford Electrical Instruments Ltd to occupy the whole of the Peel Works from then on.

In the early Nineties the company had been experiencing trading difficulties and had sold off various interests including its Magnetic Materials to Neoside Limited and Mining Product business to Rowe Hankins Components Ltd in 1993. The company also sold the crystals division to Plessey Semiconductors in August 1993, which left it to concentrate on products for the automotive industry, eventually relocating to Portsmouth in June, 1993. On the 22nd December 1993 the land and buildings along with all other assets were transferred to the General Electric Company, plc. Eventually GEC merged with British Aerospace Engineering to form BAE Systems in 1999.

As a consequence of this Salford Electrical Instruments Ltd became part of this group, although is now effectively a dormant company, as it is not trading under its own account.