Turner Brothers Asbestos Co Ltd


Formed in Rochdale in 1871 by John, Robert and Samuel Turner and trading as Turner Brothers. The company originally made cotton cloth based packaging. In 1879 the company started to weave asbestos cloth for use in lagging power driven machinery and changed its name to Turner Brothers Asbestos Company Limited, incorporated in 1899.

The Turner Brothers company developed and introduced asbestos into many new building products and continued to expand. It opened an asbestos cement factory in Trafford Park and produced various products including; Trafford Tiles; developed for circular or conical shaped roofs; Turnall asbestos-cement sheets; Everite corrugated sheets; Poilite asbestos-cement slates for roofing domestic houses; and Serval asbestos felt for flooring.

In 1920 a new company Turner & Newall Limited was formed after the acquisition of three companies, including Turner Brothers Asbestos Co Ltd.