Wightman, Frank 1913 - 1989


Attended primary school at Devonshire Street, Ardwick and then moved on to Birley Street Central School in Beswick. His technical training took him to Newton Heath Technical College and remained there until started working for George Saxon at Openshaw, Manchester in 1927.

In 1943 he worked for a period at Beyer, Peacock the locomotive engineers located in Gorton and then a little later Hick Hargreaves in Bolton makers of mill engines. His work on looking after mill engines came at a time when the cotton mills of Lancashire and surrounding areas were beginning to close down. It was through this realisation that he met Dr Richard Hills who was in the process of setting up the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. The pair collaborated on a number of projects to save redundant mill engines and transfer them to the museum’s working steam collection.