Ernemann Werke 1889 - 1926

Camera manufacturer
born in:
Dresden, Dresden, Saxony, Germany

Camera manufacturer based in Dresden. In 1889 Heinrich Ernemann and his partner Mr. Matthias founded the Dresdner Photographische Apparate-Fabrik Ernemann & Matthias. In 1891 Matthias left the company and in 1899 the company became Heinrich Ernemann, Aktiengesellschaft für Cameraproduktion in Dresden. It produced cameras and movie projectors in Dresden and Görlitz, taking over the camera maker Ernst, Herbst & Firl and continuing to produce its Globus camera series. From 1901 to 1907 Ernemann was the exclusive maker of Stöckig's Union cameras. In 1926 the company consolidated with a number of others to form Zeiss Ikon AG, although the brand name Ernemann did continue. In 1999 Ernemann Cine Tec became an independent company which is still active today.