Kathleen Clara Clark 1896 - 1968


1921 - completed training course at Guy's Hospital, London then did pioneering work on the development of Mass Miniature Radiography. 1922–1927, worked at the Princess Mary's Hospital (for Surgical Tuberculosis) and Margate (General) Hospital. 1927–1935, worked at the Royal Northern Hospital, London where she founded a School of Radiography. 1935 - co-founder and Principal of the Ilford Radiographic Department at Tavistock House, London, researching radiography and medical photography. 1935-1937 - President (first woman) of the Society of Radiographers. 1939 - published the hugely influential book, 'Positioning in Radiography'. 1945 - co-authored 'Mass Miniature Radiography of Civilians for the Detection of Pulmonary Tuberculosis'