Ann Bateman Unknown - 1805

English; British

daughter in law of Hester Bateman (1708-1794), silversmith; Ann worked with her brother in law Peter from 1791 (after her husband Jonathan Bateman, brother of Peter, died)

work signed:



1761-1790 - after the death of her husband John, wiredrawer and gold chain maker, Hester Bateman registered her mark at Goldsmith's Hall, London, on 16 April 1761, as 'Hester Bateman in Bunnhill Row' ; her mark was used until 1790.

1790-1791 - her sons Peter and John Bateman, a partnership of short duration as Jonathan, who married Ann Downlinff, died in 1791; 1791 - mark changed to Peter and Ann Bateman (Jonathan's widow)

1800 - Peter Bateman, Ann Bateman and William Bateman; William's partnership with his uncle Peter and his mother Ann.; William Bateman was son of Jonathan and Ann Bateman;

1805 - after the death of Ann Bateman, new mark registered for Peter Bateman and his nephew William Bateman;

1815-1840 - William Bateman registered alone (after the death of Peter?)

1839-1843 - mark registered for William Bateman, son of William, and Daniell Ball