C.H. Erbslöh 1876

Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

1892 - Carl Hugo Erbslöh buys Kaolin quarries at Geisenheim on the Rhine. 1889 a fire destroys most of the original company premises in the old town of Düsseldorf. 1896 - company premises moved to Kaistrasse in what was to become the Düsseldorf river port. 1921 - the company was headed jointly by the brothers Otto and Carl Hugo II. 1931 - Otto Erbslöh leaves the company. 1944 - 70% of the Düsseldorf office and warehouse buildings are destroyed. 1953 - Westdeutschen Spritzputz GmbH is founded in order to develop the market for raw vermiculite. 1974 - begins trading in the chemicals for the manufacture of printed circuits produced by Alfachimici, Italy. 1990 - transferred from Düsseldorf to Krefeld.