Maschinenfabrik Michael KAMPF KG 1880 - 1976

Manufacturer of machinery
born in:
Bad Homburg, Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany

Manufacturers of guilloche, security engraving and copy-milling machines

1880 - established in Frankfurt AM as a machine factory for steam engines and ancillary plant machinery but quickly developed specialist engraving machines for printing.

1927 - introduced the A-III- M geometric lathe

1939 – moved factory to Braunfels-an-der-Lahn

1954 - introduced the A - III - Supra machine for German National Printing Works.

1954 - new factory at Bad Homburg

1969 - joint working with PIV Werner Riemers (next door factory)

1976 - Michael Kämpf factory closed and manufacture of milling machines passed to IWK

1979 - Last Supra machine built at PIV