Engravers John Boydell 1760 - 1804

English; British
London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1760 - John Boydell retired from active printing and became the most important employer of engravers in late eighteenth-century London.

1764-1767 - Johann Gottfried and Johann Elias from Augsberg, worked almost exclusively for Boydell.

1770 - he was exporting to the European market, marking the maturation of the British school.

1773 - Richard Earlom (along with George and Joseph Farington and Josiah Boydell) was sent to Houghton Hall, Norfolk, to copy works in the collection, published by Boydell as The Houghton Gallery.

1786 - the Shakespeare Gallery project conceived, whereby Boydell employed more than forty different engravers for the large-format and quarto versions of the in Pall Mall gallery's prints.