Luke Howard 1772 - 1864

Manufacturing chemist,
born in:
London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1780-1787 - educated at a Quaker grammar school in Burford, Oxfordshire. 1794 - joined a firm of druggists in Bishopsgate. 1798 - went into partnership with William Allen, who owned the Plough Court pharmacy, Lombard Street. 1800 - presented a paper on pollens to the Linnean Society. 1803 - published On the modification of clouds, and on the principles of their production, suspension and destruction. 1812 - moved, with his family, to Tottenham. 1815 - became a Quaker minister. 1818-1820 - published the Climate of London, the first book in English on urban climatology. 1847 - pubished Barometrographia.