McMichael Limited 1920

Slough, Slough, England, United Kingdom

1919 - Hubert Leslie McMicheal (1884-1951) starts business dealing in 'war surplus' radio equipment;

1920 - L Michael Ltd formed;

1921 - absorbs B Hesketh component manufacturer;

1922 - MH brand used for components;

1926 - Governement Contractor supplying wireless sets to Royal Navy; 1928 - manufactures two experiemental cathode ray direction finders for US Navy;

1932 - shares issue, and company becomes McMicheal Radio Ltd;

from 1936 - small scale television receiver production;

1939-1945 - wartime work on wireless sets, IFF equipment, magnetic mine detection and detonation; recommences production of domestic radio and television receivers after war, but continues with military work, producing sonar buoys;

1956 - merger with Sobel Group to become Radio and Allied Industries Ltd, domestic radio and television production under Sobel name, military equipment under McMichael Radio Ltd name;

1960 - produced eqiupment for British satelite UK1;

1961 - Radio and allied Industries Ltd bought out by GEC, McMicheal Radio Ltd operate as autonomous subsiduary of GEC;

1963 - name changed to McMichael Ltd.