Thornthwaite & Wood Horne


Opticians, optics, scientific instrument makers and camera and equipment manufacturers; founded by William Henry Thornthwaite (b 1819), optician, and Fallon Horne (d 1858); it is likely that Thornthwaite had worked for Henry Palmer, optician, who had traded in same premises in Newgate Street until around 1844; camera manufacturer Edward George Wood is also a member of the partnership (as well as trading under hs own name); Traded at 103 Newgate Street, 121 and 123 Newgate Street (1852), 123 Newgate Street (1853-56), 416 Strand, W.C. (1886-87), 416 Strand & 74 Cheapside (1886-93) all London England. Took over from Edward Palmer (1828-45). Partnership with Edmund Horne (w.1838-50), William Henry Thornthwaite (w.1845-78) & Edward George Wood (Wood partner again, 1886-1893); bought by James Martin in 1884; merged with Dollond and Co Ltd in 1913.