Lerebours et Secretan 1845 - 1955

Lens manufacturer,
Photographic equipment manufacturer,
Scientific instrument maker
Paris, Ville de Paris, Île-de-France, France

Made lenses for cameras and telescopes; partnership of Nicolas Marie Paymal Lerebours (1807-1873) and Marc Francois Louis Secretan (1804-1867).

1844 - Secretan moved to Paris from Lausanne;

1845 - joined with Lerebours;

1855 - Lerebours retired and Secretan become sole proprietor; name used until 1880s and beyond. Marc's son, August Secretan (1833-1874) continued business; succeeded by his cousin Georges Emmanuel Secretan (1837-1906),

1900s - Paul Victor Secretan; mostly or solely a retail business;

1934 - George Prin, (successor to Gautier) absorbed into Secretan; in business through 1947;

by 1955 - although still named Secretan, was controlled by C. Eprey and Jacquelin since circa 1920s.