William R Warner and Company Limited

Eastleigh, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

1856 - William R. Warner opened drug store in Philadelphia, PA, UNited States; Warner invented a tablet coating process that allowed medicine to be encased in a sugar shell. 1886 - Warner gave up retail pharmacy business and began drug manufacture under the name William R. Warner & Co.

1908 - company acquired by Gustavus A. Pfeiffer & Company, a patent medicine company from St. Louis, MO, United States. Pfeiffer retained the Warner company name and moved headquarters to New York; by 1940s - some 50 companies had been acquired including Richard Hudnut Company (1916) and the DuBarry cosmetic company.

1950 - company renamed Warner-Hudnut;

1952 - New Jersey Chilcott Laboratories purchased;

1955 - merger between Warner-Hudnut and Lambert Pharmacal to form Warner-Lambert Company;

1956 - relocated to Morris Plains, New Jersey, United States

1970 - acquired Parke, Davis & Co. and Schick Shaving

1970s and 1980s - acquired cough drop manufacturer Smith Brothers and American Optical

1982-1986 - American Optical divested; purchased IMED Corp. and divested (1986)

1990s - formed joint ventures with Glaxo Holdings plc and Wellcome plc to orchestrate the movement of the companies' drugs from prescription to over-the-counter and generic markets.

1993 - acquired Wilkinson Sword

2000 - merger with Pfizer Inc. and a unit called Warner-Lambert Consumer Group was retained.

2001 - Warner-Lambert Consumer group renamed Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

2003 - Pfizer merged with Pharmacia Corp

1960s - English HQ: Eastleigh, Hampshire;