Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Company Limited 1915 - 1945

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Founded in 1915 when Houghtons Ltd. merged with W. Butcher and Sons Ltd. to form the Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Company. Though cameras were still sold under the separate names, the new name provided a common manufacturing base. (NOTE that the two trading companies merged on January 1st, 1926 to form Houghton-Butcher (Great-Britain) Ltd., which was renamed Ensign Ltd. in 1930). The manufacturing company based at Walthamstow kept the name Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co., Ltd. until 1945, but the headquarters were bombed in 1942 and the company never recovered. In 1945, Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co., Ltd. associated with the film maker Elliott & Sons Ltd. (maker of the film brand 'Barnet') and became Barnet Ensign Ltd.