C P Goerz 1886 - 1926

born in:
Berlin, Berlin state, Germany

Established by Carl Paul Goerz in 1886, trading in mathematical instruments; began selling cameras in 1887 and producing them in 1888, renamed as Optische Anstalt C P Goerz in 1890; also produced scientific instruments and binoculars and gun sights (founded a separate military arm in 1903 that became the world's biggest military optical manufacturer); established C P Goerz American Optical Co. in 1905 in New York as an independent company, that continued to operate until 1971; in 1908 separate company Goerz Photochemisches Werk GmbH was founded in Berlin-Zehlendorf, producing roll film and film for the movie industry; because of reliance on military contracts entered financial difficulty after the first world war, only saved from bankruptcy in 1926 by merger with ICA, Contessa-Nettel and Ernemann to form Zeiss Ikon