James Joseph Hicks 1837 - 1916

Irish; British
born in:
Ross Carbery, County Cork, Munster, Ireland

Traded 8 Hatton Garden (1870s) & 8, 9, & 10 Hatton Garden (1890s-1930s), both London, England. 1852.Apprenticed to L. P. Casella of Hatton Garden, London in 1852, where by 1860 he had risen to the status of foreman. This date marks also the first of many patents filed by Hicks, principally relating to meteorological and clinical thermometers, but covering other items such as barometers, hydrometers and radiometers, aneroid barometers, and various medical appliances utilizing aneroid pressure capsules. From 1878, as an independent manufacturer, Hicks catered to the developing science of meteorology, the growing use of industrial control instruments, and to military needs, by the provision of scientific, industrial, and domestic thermometers, barometers, and pressure gauges, and many other types of apparatus.