C A Steinheil Sohne

Camera lens maker,
Physics instrument maker
Munich, Oberbayern, Bavaria, Germany

Carl Steinheil established optical workshop in 1854; joined by son, Hugo Adolph Steinheil (1832-1893 ) in 1855 and grandson, Eduard Steinheil (1830-1878) in 1862. Adolph's son, Rudolph Steinheil (1865 - 1930), joined company in 1890 & became owner, 1892. By 1930, Steinheil became stock company, owned by Rudolph's five daughters, acquired by Elgeet 1962. 1968, Steinheil combined with Otto Fennel, Kassel; and Lear Siegler. In 1973, moved to Ismaning, near Munich, as 'Steinheil - Lear Siegler AG', specializing in geodesic instruments.