Walter Bentley Woodbury 1834 - 1885

born in:
Manchester, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Inventor of woodbury type (mechanically printed photographic image); Woodbury received a scientific education and in 1849 was taken as a pupil by a civil engineer in a Manchester patent office; in addition he taught himself photography; 1852 sailed for Australia, working in a number of jobs; worked as a draughtsman and as a photographer in Melbourne between 1854 and 1857; established a photographic studio in Java (1857-1858 and 1860-1864); returned to England, taking out more than thirty patents between 1863 and 1885, mostly for photomechanical printing, but also for improvements in optical and photographical apparatus; the first Woodbury types were produced in 1864; fallen on hard times by the 1880s his development of the stanhope process (a simplified Woodbury process) could not change his fortunes and he died in Margate in 1885.