Robertson Buchanan 1769 - 1816

Civil engineer,
Mechanical engineer
Scottish; British
born in:
Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

1796 - patented invention for manual marine and fire engine pumps. 1807 - published the treatise, On the Warming of Mills and other Buildings. 1808 - employed in building the Cranstonhill waterworks in Glasgow. 1809 - set up in business at the York Street Foundry, Port Dundas, supplying heating equipment for mills. 1810 - admitted a burgess of Glasgow. 1815 - fitted two of his heating stoves in the Northwest church, Glasgow. Patented a wholly impractical invention for making the paddles on a steamboat enter the water perpendicularly. 1816 - published A Practical Treatise on Propelling Vessels by Steam.