Western Electric Company Limited 1883 - 1925

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1883 - Western Electric Company established as a London agent for the US Western Electric Company selling telephones and exchanges to telephone companies in the United Kingdom.

1898 - company acquires a cable factory at North Woolwich, London to make lead-sheathed cables, assemble and manufacture telephone equipment.

1910 - incorporated as Western Electric Company Ltd.; wholly-owned subsidiary of the International Western Electric Co. of the United States

1922 - Western-Electric Co was one of 6 companies (Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co, Radio Communication Co, Metropolitan-Vickers, General Electric and British Thomson-Houston) that set up the British Broadcasting Company.

about 1923 - produced wireless receivers and developed valve technology and began manufacture of valves and radio sets

1925 - name was changed to Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd. as the US company's interests were transferred to the International Standard Electric Corporation of New York.