Waldemar Mordecai Wolfe Haffkine 1860 - 1930

born in:
Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

First to create the cholera vaccine in July 1892. 1884 - graduated doctor of science from University of Odessa, 1888 - assistant at Odessa Museum of Zoology, cholera research begins; 1890 - assistant to director of Pasteur Institute Émile Roux; July 1892 -succesfully reports the production of cholera vaccine to the Biological Society of Paris; 1893-1895 tests cholera vaccine in India; 1896- plague research begins, improvised laboratory at Grant Medical School, Bombay; 1902 -controversy over plague vaccine due to 19 people dying after contracting tetanus; 1909-Institut de France awardPrix Briant and Tata Institute of Science of Bagalore elected him to its Court of Visitors; 1915 retired; 1929 - creates Haffkine Foundation; 1925-Plague Research Institute he founded in Bombay renamed in his honour