John Robertson 1782 - 1868

Scottish; British
born in:
Neilston, East Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

1808 - first met Henry Bell who commissioned him to build a sea water pump for his Bath Hotel, Helensburgh. 1810 - inherited his father's small engineering shop in Glasgow. 1811 - built the engine for PS Comet (1811). 1813 - built engine for PS Clyde. 1826 - sequestrated because of extensive debts. 1828 - finally declared bankrupt. 1854 - an appeal to the Trustees of the River Clyde to afford him some assistance presented by his friends including Robert and James Napier. 1862 - aged 81, he travelled to London and erected the original PS Comet engine in the Museum of Patents, South Kensington (eventually becoming the Science Museum, South Kensington). 1912 - the Neilston Memorial to him unveiled in the town square, Neilston.