J A Prestwich Industries Limited

Manufacturer, engineer
born in:
London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1895 - Founded by John Alfred Prestwich in Tottenham; engineers - manufactured motorcycles. Another member of the company was E. P. Prestwich, who was involved in the firm's limited motion picture production, including Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee procession, 1897, and views of the launch of the 'Albion' in 1898;

From 1897 - the firm also sold three models of projector, and in 1898/1900 produced the 'Junior' amateur outfit for 17.5 mm film. They manufactured some cinematography equipment for Warwick Trading Company and Charles Urban.

The firm later became known as J. A. Prestwich Industries Ltd., and was absorbed in 1964 by the Villiers Engineering Company.