John Downes Rochfort 1825 - 1885

British; Irish
born in:
Carlow, Leinster, Ireland

Albums originally thought to have been compiled by Brigadier General H Conyer Surtees (executor of will for Rochfort's widow Ruth Herbert / Lousia Ruth Rochfort). Rochfort compiled seven photographic albums of American Civil War and travels in Europe and Africa. Born 7 July 1825, died 24 May 1885. Second son of Colonel John Staunton Rochfort of Clogrennane, County Carlow, Ireland. Travelled a lot, 'fascinated with death, murder, torture and war'. Quite a talented artist, painted watercolours decorated ceramics, 'connoisseur, collector and man-about-town', two family estates in Ireland, villa in Monte Carlo, houses in London.