Emerson Radio Corporation 1915

New York

Bankrupt Emerson Phonograph Co. (1915-1922) bought and renamed Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corporation; produced 'pewee' radio in 1932; military production during second world war; 1947 produced first television; expanded into air conditioning in 1952; began production of tape recorders in 1955; purchased DuMont Laboratories in 1958 acquiring line of television sets, phonographs and high-fidelity and stereo instruments; acquired Pilot Radio Corp. in 1965; purchased by National Union Electric Corp., a diversified manufacturer, in 1965 continuing to produce radios, television sets and phonographs distributed under the Emerson and DuMont names and hi-fi equipment under the Pilot name; early 1970s manufacture of television sets and some other home entertainment products contracted out to Admiral Corp.; licence to manufacture televisions under the Emerson name sold to Major Electronics Corp. in 1973; renamed Emerson Radio Corporation in 1977; purchased Cardiac Resuscitator Corp. in 1979 and diversified into medical equipment; licenced production of electronic entertainment equipment to various overseas firms, including Goldstar Electric Co. and Orion Electronics during 1980s; filed for bankruptcy in 1993; reemerged 1994, manufacturing consumer and business electronics; Emerson left video manufacturing again in 2001, handing manufacturing to Funai, who market Emerson badged products through Amercian store Wal-Mart.