Barnett Samuel and Sons Limited 1832 - 1928

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1832 Company established by Henry Solomon, Barnett Samuel and Josiah Solomon in Sheffield manufacturing door knobs, knife handles and combs and dealing in musical instruments; moved to London c1860; 1872 Barnett's eldest son was taken into partnership and the title of the firm became Barnett Samuel and Sons; expansion of firm, manufacture of zithers, harmoniums and banjos in factories in Birmingham and London; 1901 became Barnett Samuel and Sons Limited, one of largest musical instrument wholesalers in country, with own piano factory in London; by 1911 the subsidiary company John Grey and Sons formed and used the name as a trademark on its instruments; 1914 Barnett Samuel and Sons were manufacturing a portable gramophone called the 'Dulcephone' sold under the trade name 'Decca '; by 1920s manufacturers of 'Deccalian' Gramophones; 'Decca' and 'Rally' Portable Gramophones, sales dwarfing those of musical instruments; 1928 Barnett Samuel and Sons bought by British Equity Investment Co. but could not use the firm's title, therefore renamed as the 'Decca Gramophone Co.'; instrument part of company was contained in just 8 shares of the John Grey and Sons and these were bought by Rose, Morris and Co. who made banjos up to and after the second world war