Tougodo Optical Company 1930 - 1969

Camera manufacturer

Founded 1930 in Tokyo; named after Japanese Admiral Togo; cameras used 'no-need-darkroom' process; known for its Meiko, Meisupi and Meiritto ranges, considered as 'toys'; produced war material during second worls war such as aircraft transmission devices, and survived post-war making cigarette lighters; resumed camera manufacture about 1947, with the Hit and Hobix cameras; renamed Togodo Seisakusho in 1949; known as Togodo Sangyo KK around 1952, becoming Togodo Koki KK in 1957; at some point then became Daishin Seiki and ceased making cameras in the mid-1960s, though continued until the mid 1980s as a subcontractor for Pioneer; NOTE that a second company knwon as KK Togodo operated post-war using pre-war brand names and continued in production until early 1980s