Robert Seymour 1798 - 1836

born in:
Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Draughtsman on wood, etcher, lithographer of illustrations and caricatures.

Born in Somerset apprenticed to a pattern designer and began his career as a portrait and history painter in oils, exhibiting at the RA.

Turned to caricature in 1827 specialising in social subjects.

Succeeded William Heath as lead caricaturist of the day or supplanting him in 1830 as the illustrator of 'The Looking Glass' or McLean's 'Monthly Sheet of Caricatures' from which he moved from etching to lithography.

Became illustrator of 'Figaro in London' at the end of 1831 and 'The Comic Magazine'.

Issued his 'Humorous Sketches' as of 1833.

The first illustrator of Charles Dickens' 'Pickwick Papers' producing seven plates before his death in 1836.