Teldec (Telefunken-Decca-Schallplatten GmbH) founded 1950 as a cooperative ventrure between Telefunken and Decca Records Teldec was a major German producer of first shellac then vinyl records (later CDs);manufacturing facility located in Nortorf, near Kiel, Germany; records manufactured by Teledec were mostly released under the Telefunken or Decca labels without stating they were made by Teledec; in the early 1970's Teldec acted for Telefunken in developing a vinyl video disc technology for Telefunken's 'TED' TD1005 video disc player, released in 1975; in 1983 Telefunken and Decca cancelled their agreement and Teldec was sold to Time Warner; in 1997 the remaining compact disc production facility in Nortorf was to be closed, but a management buyout resulted in a new company 'OK-media' continuing CD production there.