Thomas Sutcliffe 1790 - 1849

Army officer,
English; British

1809 - as a member of the Royal Navy, was on board the Kingfisher in the blockade of Corfu. 1817 - was one of a group of adventurous Englishmen who went to aid the Colombians in their rebellion against Spain, and was appointed lieutenant-colonel of cavalry in the army of the republic. 1821 - returned to England. 1822 - returned to South America. 1834 - was appointed political and military governor of the island of Juan Fernandez, then used as a convict station by Chile. 1839 - returned to England after being cashiered the previous year. 1843 - located at Fustian Court, opposite the Exchange, Manchester

1846 - moved to London. Was the great grandson of John Kay of Bury and published a portrait of Kay.