Dusan Stulik

Czech; American
born in:

Professor Dusan C Stulik, Phd, is a Senior Scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute. He received his BS and MS degrees in Chemistry and BA in Art History from the Charles University and his PhD in Physics from the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague. Before joining the GCI Dr. Stulik was a Professor of Chemistry at the Washington State University and he served as a Visiting Professor of Material Sciences at the Cornell University. He is a Project Leader of the GCI Research in Photographic Conservation project and his current research focuses on application of modern scientific and analytical methodologies for identification and characterization of photographs and photographic material (began 2006). Professor Stulik is an author or co-author of several scientific and conservation science books and he published more than fifty peer reviewed research articles. He is also a recipient of several prestigious awards for his work related to the preservation of cultural heritage.