The Hartford Courant


The Connecticut Courant began as a weekly newspaper on October 29, 1764 and was started by Thomas Green. (Other titles include; Connecticut Courant (1764-1774), Connecticut Courant and Hartford Weekly Intelligencer (1774-1778), Connecticut Courant (1778-1778), Connecticut Courant and Weekly Intelligencer (1778-1791), Connecticut Courant (1791-1837), Daily Courant (1837-1839), Hartford Daily Courant (1840-1887), Hartford Courant (1887-1922). The daily newspaper 'Hartford Courant' traces its existence back to the weekly 'Connecticut Courant' , and thus claims the title 'America's oldest continuously published newspaper'. The Courant was purchased in 1979 by Times Mirror, the Los Angeles Times' parent company, then In 2000, Times Mirror and the Courant became part of the Tribune Company, one of the world's largest multimedia companies.