George Walton 1867 - 1933

born in:
Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Noted Scottish architect and designer of remarkable diversity; attended Glasgow Art School; formed own decorating company, George Walton & Co, Ecclesiastical and House Decorators, in 1888; firm diversified in to woodwork, furniture making and stained glass; from 1896 cooperated with architect Fred Rowntree; through friendships with photographers James Craig Annan and George Davison, then working for Eastman Kodak, Walton came to design not only Kodak showrooms in the United Kingdom and Europe (London, Glasgow, Brussels, Milan, Vienna and Moscow), which brought him international fame, but also the company's product packaging; from 1901 Walton undertook the construction of complete buildings; resigned from George Walton & Co in 1903; continued to work as an architect and designer, but never as successfully.