Hammersley & Co

Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom

The company Harvey Adams & Co was renamed Hammersley & Co when the owner Harvey Adams retired and George Hammersley took over. The name was changed to Hammersley and Co (Longton) Limited in 1932. At this point they moved from Sunderland Road Works, Longton to Alsager Pottery. Alsager China was used as a trademark. In 1970, Carborundum Limited bought the company. In 1976 Carborundum merged with Royal Worcester to form Royal Worcester Spode Ltd. In 1982 Palissy Pottery Ltd acquired the Hammersley name. But the Hammersley's Works was closed. Palissy stopped using the Hammersley name in 1988. Aynsley China bought Palissy and the Hammersley tradename in 1989.