Humphrey Davy and Son Limited 1840 - 1980

Dispensing chemist,
Rotherham, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

about 1852 - Humphrey Davy (1829-1908) opens a chemist and druggist’s shop at 19 Bridgegate, Rotherham';

1863 - takes over James Crowther's chemist 's shop at 20 High Street, Rotherham in December;

1881 - manufacturing chemists (later called wholesale druggists) incorporated as Humphrey Davy and Son Ltd, and set up at Victoria Works, Masbrough Street, Masbrough;

by 1902 - shop moves from 20 High Street to 42 High Street;

by 1905 - shop moves from 42 High Street to 30 High Street;

1908 - 30 High Street taken over by Percy Davy (Humphrey’s son);

by 1912 - styled as Exors of Humphrey Davy;

1921 - incorporated as H Davy Exors Ltd.

c.1932-1952 - H. Davy Exors Ltd set up chemist shop at 1 Clifton Grove, run by Douglas Edward Davy (grandson of Humphrey Davy) and Roland Green;

c.1957-1965 - shop at 30 High Street closes;

1973 - shop in Masbrough Street closes;

1980 - H. Davy’s chemist shop, 19 Bridgegate closed