Brothers Quay 1947


The Quay Brothers were born in 1947 near Philadelphia USA where they studied at the Philadelphia College of Art, then later in London at the Royal College of Art. Since 1979, they have created a hybrid variety of film works, including puppet animation: ‘Street of Crocodiles’, ‘Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies’, ‘The Comb’, ‘Maska’, ‘Unmistaken Hands’, ‘The Doll's Breath’; Live-Action Films: ‘In Absentia’, ‘Institute Benjamenta’ and ‘Pianotuner of Earthquakes’; Documentaries: ‘Anamorphosis’, ‘The Phantom Museum’, ‘Through The Weeping Glass’, ‘Inventorium Of Traces’; and Two Film Collaborations for the Ballet: ‘Duet’ and ‘The Sandman’ for Will Tuckett.