Ansel Adams 1902 - 1984

born in:
San Francisco, San Francisco county, California, United States

Landscape photographer and environmentalist born San Francisco 1902;

1920 - first published photographs and articles in the Sierra Club magazine;

1927 - became friends with photographer Edward Weston;

1932 - Adams was the co-founder of F/64 Group with Edward Weston & Imogen Cunningham;

The F/64 Group pursued technically ‘perfect’ photographs. Referring to this style as ‘straight photography’ Adams aimed to include a full range of tones in his photographs, from rich black to whitest white. He became famous for his landscape photo- graphs, especially of Yosemite National Park and his attempts to achieve of a definitive pictorial statement of the American landscape.

1932 - Adams had his first one-man show;

1933 - founded the Ansel Adams Gallery in San Francisco;

1940 - helped to establish a photography department at MoMA;

1946 - founded the Department of Photography at California School of Fine Arts;

Adams was involved in environmental issues through Sierra Club and Wilderness Club.

Adams published numerous books

By the late 1970s his photographs were selling at prices unprecedented for a living American photographer.