Anglo American Brush Electric Light Corporation Limited 1879 - 1889

born in:
Lambeth, Lambeth, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

1879 - the Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corporation Limited, established in Lambeth, London to exploit the inventions of Charles Francis Brush (1849-1929). Brush, born in Cleveland, Ohio, developed his first dynamo in 1876 and founded the American Brush Company in 1881. The American company was taken over in 1891 by the General Electric Company.

1889 - the company took over assets of the Falcon Engine & Car Works Ltd., in Loughborough, England and from then on was known as the Brush Electrical Engineering Company with its base of operations moved to the Midlands.

Throughout its history, Brush retained its contacts with the railway;

1947 - joined with W.G.Bagnall to produce diesel locomotives. When British Railways began to replace its fleet of steam engines, Brush entered the market for main line diesel-electric locomotives.

1991 - became known as Brush Traction; now part of FKI Energy Technologies. The locomotive works was subsequently purchased by the Brush Traction Company and is still in used for the repair of locomotives.